about us

Chance Garments Co., Ltd with 16years sportswear garments experience.
Chance Garments is a professional manufacturer of development、production and marketing the sportswear and workwear.
We produce high quality and fashion clothing and textile products, such as tracksuits,performance top, soft shell &fleece wear ,Gilet &vest and running&training shirt, yoga cloth,uniform.
Mainly export Western Europe /North America/South America/Eastern Europe/Northern Europe etc. 
Chance Garments provide an extensive range of services to meet our clients’ needs to meet their ultimate garment
needs because we take pride in creating value and client satisfaction thus establishing and maintaining
long-term relationship with our client’s and partners.


Chance Garments arranges the development of different types garment manufacturing of samples such as prototype, pre-production, photo, size-set, approval for samples and patterns, conforming to all required size range and size-sets and production markers. This would include a variety of t-shirt, polo shirt ,vest, shirts, hoody, trousers, jersey, shorts, skirts, jackets, coats, blazers, and other textile accessories.

Quality assurance

Chance Garments maintains international Acceptable Quality Level standard requirements from the weaving of the yarn to the fabric stages to the finished product. All our quality assurance specialists, stationed at every manufacturing and production sites, will ensure that every production run in accordance to the AQL standard in order to eliminate any defects and most especially client dissatisfaction thus saving your investment.

Order follow-up for garments & textile products

Chance Garments strictly monitors both manually and technically the product manufacturing, from the start to the end product, on site to closely track the production ensuring that it adheres to our clients,high standards and schedule and also to keep our clients regularly updated with the production. We identify any risk factors in the garment manufacturing and discuss these risk factors with the manufacturer for issue resolution. Before starting any bulk production, we hold production meetings with the production staff to ensure that all possible problems are discussed and corrective measures are implemented prior to production.


Chance Garments helps your company get ahead with the competition by sourcing and manufacturing high quality items in China.