Where to get help if short sleeve polo shirt gets problem during the use?
After identifying the problems of short sleeve polo shirt , Suzhou Industrial Park Chance Garments Co.,Ltd.will arrange the most professional after-sales team to help you. By following the instruction manual, we are responsible for repairing the products for free during the warranty period. During the usage of the product, you can send the product back to us for repair. Once the product is out of warranty period, we will charge you for the parts and accessories.

Chance Garments is professional in the industry of training shorts. training shorts is the main product of Chance Garments. It is diverse in variety. The product is dustproof. The surface of this product has a special coating to prevent adhesion of dust and oil smoke. It helps improve one's performance in sport and exercise. The product can help people lose their weight by detoxifying the body and burning calories while relaxing in total comfort. Its seams will not pull down, split or unravel under pressure.

We are always ready to provide the high-quality sports jersey. Contact!
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