the weird quirks of augusta national: they put dye in the water, make caddies wear jumpsuits and ban tv coverage on thursday and friday afternoon

by:Chance     2020-10-28
Thanks to its proud tradition and original conditions, this is a game different from any other game.
The master came back, and the excitement of the first major this year was as great as ever. 14-
Time main champion Tiger Woods, after recovering from repeated back problems, has returned to Augusta for the first time since 2015, and is like Justin Thomas, one of the green jackets favorites, jordan Spitzer, Rory mcroyy, and Dustin Johnson.
However, it is not just fierce competition that attracts golf fans all over the world.
In addition to the colorful courses of nature and beauty, the Masters retain many proud traditions that permeate the classroom.
Here, the sports Post looked at the history behind the Masters, which began in 1934 when it was originally called the Augusta National Invitational \".
COURSEAmen started better than the most famous part of the course.
Holes 11, 12 and 13 make up The Amen Corner, one of the holiest places in golf.
It has never been able to provide drama.
The name was created by Herbert Warren Feng in the 1958 Sports Illustrated.
He wrote: \"The Farthest Place in Augusta National Stadium --
At Amen\'s Creek meet The Amen Corner of the No. 13 fairway near the tee, then parallel to the front edge of the green on the short 12 th, and finally rotate with the green on the 11 th.
\"Wind said he was inspired by a jazz song called\" shouting at the Horns \"by Mezz Mezzrow.
Augusta\'s lucky audience can watch most of the famous three holes from the same location on the 12 th.
They painted you to see the master\'s glasses and you immediately realized how spotless the conditions are every day.
But as you would expect, there will indeed be brown spots on the tee, Fairway, and green.
But according to Andy stranger
The goalkeeper, who worked in Augusta, revealed that they worked 100 of the time to make everything look green.
He said to golfers at the National Club: \"You will get the weaknesses that we are going to look.
Anything that can be picked up on the camera will be painted green.
All plastic bags are green and match the colorful theme of Augusta, all plastic bags sold on Masters are green!
Wondering why now?
They are that color, so if picked up by a TV camera, they blend perfectly with the grass.
On the historic court, each hole is named after flowering shrubs or trees.
This is done to recognize the heritage of Augusta\'s current property.
When the founder of the club brought the land, it was once a nursery.
Each hole shows the named plants.
When you watch the master race on TV, Augusta is right next to a major road, and you may be naive to think that Augusta\'s departure is far from east to west.
But the route is actually next to a busy Interstate called Washington Road.
Please note that if you are planning a trip to Augusta, the road is not fun in master week!
Have you ever seen the waters of Augusta and thought about how they made it look so perfect?
Well, it\'s right here.
An American reporter took a sample from the pond before the 15 th and tested it to reveal that the water contained food dyes.
It turned out to be a dye similar to Bluecoloured icing.
No sandEver in the sand pit wondering how they made the sand pit look so clean?
Again, it\'s not what you think, they don\'t actually use sand.
It is a waste from mining and a substance called quartz.
The Hogan Bridge is one of Augusta\'s most popular attractions, located next to green space 12.
It was made of stone and passed through the creek of Thunder.
The bridge is covered with artificial turf for its arch to help the best players in the world with studs nails catch better.
The Augusta National Club, which opened on 1990, relaxed its membership policy in 1932 and did not allow black members to join until 1990.
In 2012, Augusta finally allowed women to join the club.
Prior to this, women can participate in golf courses as guests, including Sunday before the start of the Masters on April.
Yet Augusta is still very private. . .
In order to join this great golf club, members now have to nominate you so that you can be accepted.
Among them are Bill Gates, a wealthy American businessman, and Warren Buffett ).
Oh, it only takes between 8,000 and 24,000 to be a member if you want to know!
The most famous golf course in Augusta does not include golf clubs and golf.
The entrance to the club is the place for those lucky enough to attend the Masters, and they really start to get excited.
The entrance is near Washington Road, stretching 330 yards, and is known for its large number of magnolia trees that align with one side of the road. Three-
Time Green Jacket champion Gary Player said: \"The masters are the only game I know you will suffocate when you drive through the front door.
You already know that there are no masters of women and no masters of women who can compete.
At present, the LPGA has five major events: ANA inspin, US Open, Ricoh British Open, Women\'s PGA Championship and Evian Championship.
The specialty closest to the master is ANA indiscipline, which retains some tradition.
The caddie is wearing white jumpsuit, and the winner usually jumps into the ponpi pond next to Green on the 18 th.
The biggest tradition of the Masters is to award the green jacket to the champion on the last day.
Each year, the winner wears a green jacket, the Augusta National member\'s logo, at the ceremony.
In fact, this happened twice, one on the TV camera at Butler\'s cottage and the other on the photographer and the crowd outside.
The green jacket was launched in 1937, when the idea was that members of Augusta would wear them during the tournament to stand out from the public.
Then in 1949, Sam Snyder became the first winner to receive an honor for the now famous clothing project. . .
It has been a tradition since then.
After getting the green jackets in Snead, augustaretroactive awarded them to every former champion.
The champion dinner is one of the most unique clubs in the sports world, and on Tuesday before the start of the tournament, past champions gathered together.
The food menu is chosen by the champion of the previous year.
This time it was hosted by Sergio Garcia, who chose a menu inspired by Spanish descent. Par-
9-3 games
The hole Championship on Wednesday is the time for fans to really get excited.
Although some players with better games refuse to participate, par-
The game is still a star.
They come as caddies with their children, partners or other celebrities.
Caddies must wear skydiving suits for many years in Masters, and players are not allowed to use their own caddies.
In 1983, the rule is canceled and they can use the person they want as long as their 2 is wearing the required caddie costume --
White jumpsuit.
Watching the Masters TV Butler\'s cottage every year will learn a lot about one of Augusta\'s most historic buildings-the Butler\'s cottage.
After winning the game, the champion will be directed directly to the building, where they will be interviewed about their achievements.
The winning player will also be presented with his famous green jacket for the first time by the champion of the previous year.
Why is there basically no TV coverage on Thursday or Friday afternoon because Augusta said so.
Officials are keen to keep live TV broadcasts to an absolute minimum, and there is no reason beyond maintaining this unique exclusivity.
Even if the camera is turned on, they follow only a few of the selected groups.
Sky Sports starts live at 8: 00 P. M. BST, when each player will play against the last group (
Justin Ross, Dustin Johnson, Rafael Cabera-Bello)
Plan to start at 7: 00 pm.
This can be frustrating for those who pay.
But don\'t worry, you can follow all the actions from the rolling coverage of sports mail!
When you watch the game at home, the TV company puts the sound of the bird in, making the whole scene more beautiful, walking with the green fairway, colorful bushes and white jumpsuit.
CBS has admitted that the use of bird noise makes Augusta more of a natural paradise \". AND FINALLY. . . FOOD!
Without talking about the food that Augusta provides, it is impossible for us to go on like this all the time.
Some stands-
The items offered include the iconic pimento cheese sandwich, egg salad sandwich and sausage biscuits.
Wonder if the price is quite high, don\'t worry!
A sweet pepper cheese costs $1.
50, although the most expensive sandwich on the menu, the bar-B-
Grilled chicken rolls and classic chicken sandwiches cost only $3. 00. Bargain.
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