men\'s cycling kit – the ultimate guide to the best performance bib-shorts, jerseys and socks forxa0summer 2018

by:Chance     2020-10-28
Whether you\'re an avid amateur at the club rider, or just after watching a professional show, have an inspiration for cycling-and follow their exploits here-then you might just buy it in the market
In the past few months, when the latest performance suite was tested on the road, Telegraph Sport has identified five brands-arre, the sherrisst cafe, Castelli, the dhb and Rapha we trust may be worth your effortsearned cash.
Three projects
Shorts, jerseys and socks (
Other thanCastelli)
-In the second week of daily commuting, out-of-town training or cycling in Giro, Italy, the clothes of each company were worn out.
In short, everything here has passed the ultimate test.
Each item is judged by its quality, beauty and performance.
Although France has a rich history in the sport, it is trapped in cars in kit.
While the Italian brand continues to do what the Italian brand does, somehow the UK stole its cousins parade from the Strait, giving the French an afterthought in terms of bike clothing
That\'s it until now.
Cafe du Cycliste is a relatively new brand, founded in 2009 and may start over and try to pack in the lead-your Castellis, your Raphas, your ales-but the stage designers here have done enough to prove that they have the ability to compete hard for your game at the end of the gameearned cash.
Although you were built and built on the blue coast, but put your head into the spitalfield store near Liverpool Street in London, you will immediately be attracted by bright and brave colors, not all of them are related to bicycles, such as Francine jersey (above, £127).
Inspired by the classic Breton sweater, this mid-range sweater
The weight jersey is a beautiful thing from an aesthetic point of view, but in addition to looking good, Francine has a lot more.
Unlike most modern performance jerseys, Francine has a soft fabric that not only features high sweat and fast drying, but also is well ventilated due to the availability of a variety of mesh boards, including rear pockets
One suggestion is to buy a smaller size than a regular cafe, a little bigger than most.
Navy blue, olive green and gray are just three colors of Cycliste cafe bibshorts come in.
Fortunately, they also made them in black, which should be the only color seen on the saddle.
Unless your name is Romain Bardet, then you can do what you like to do.
In these five pairs of bib
The shorts road tested here, Josephine (above, £165)
They are probably the most comfortable and certainly the most enjoyable for the traditionalists.
The black fabric is printed with a black pattern, Josephine is a microcosm of low-key cool, but small details such as the plaid check on the leather belt remind us in time that riding a bicycle is not just staring at the meter, there\'s more to do: it should be fun to ride a bike.
There are reflective strips at the back of each leg, and it is satisfying that these reflective strips are beyond the rider\'s view and can perfectly see the vehicle-or the beam of light in the light.
Comfort, fashion, safety awareness: perfect bibshort.
These high specification merino wool are designed in France but made in Italy and mixed with elastic and synthetic fibers
Breton socks at Cuffs (above, £19)
Combine the two key elements of design and performance.
Similar to the Francine jersey, the inspiration here is from the Bernard hinot and Warren Bagir regions.
One thing to note: unless you\'re very tall-we\'re talking about John Van Samen --
The type is high-then these socks will be higher than most, so if the high socks are not your thing, the dotted line socks at cyclisteps Cafe (
17 in black or white)
A good choice.
As a supplier to both groupsFDJ and Alé-
Italian brand aléciollini is better at discussing high-Performance Suite.
That is, just because Arno Demel and Chloe Hosking-two of the leading sprinter in their respective World Tour teams-beat like Fernando garviria and George brownzini, that means you\'ll follow suit.
Or maybe, who knows?
Probably best known for their tendency to produce bright fluorescent shorts and jerseys, and in fact, Arre has also made some very wearable suits for passengers who don\'t like to be a glowing green suit, speed Fondo PRR 2. 0 (above, €102)
A good example.
The simple use of the block color here is the fresh air of the Italians, and the lower back near the sleeves and hem can improve ventilation using a thin mesh material.
While Telegram sports cannot prove the claim that resistance has been reduced due to a slightly extended mesh material sleeve, it certainly feels faster when cycling through Italy during the recent Giro Festival in Italy.
With the popularity of Summer Shorts, Strada bibshort (above, €96,90)
Not only surprisingly cheap-it was recently discovered that an online retailer sold them for £ 76.
95-but their lightweight design ensures that riders have the opportunity to stay relatively cool regardless of heat.
The narrow elastic band replaces the usual design, which allows the lower stomach to obtain an additional, unnecessary layer of material.
Chamois feels a bit thin, despite repeated performances on some very long rides.
Probably the best price for money-
Very short now.
The socks are a pair of socks, right?
It was wrong, very wrong, but we will talk about it later.
Despite their obvious attention to the details, Arre put their Q-down a little bit here-
Summer socks (above, €13,40).
Although the length of the socks is about right-they have a 12 cm cuff-and there are neat Italian three-color hairs behind each heel, the fabric feels a bit cheap, after washing a few times, it began to age.
There is a young lad at the local club, and when the older members of us don\'t feel the pain, he seems to be very fond of berating those who choose to wear dhb.
Although a young man\'s opinion of dhb is still unclear based on past experience, he thinks they are a bitoptimal.
It is true that their equipment is cheaper than most people, but these savings are often at the cost, especially in the performance department.
But is this going to change?
Over the years, after dressing commuters and those new to the sport, dhb began its march into the professional men\'s cycling campaign in early 2018, when they began supplying the canyon-
Berg, the UCI Continental Tour line-up won the opening ceremony on this year\'s trip to Yorkshire, thanks to Harry Tenfield, before starting the most recent tour series, the kit for their new Aeron lab collection.
There is no doubt that the insights needed for success are invaluable to dhb\'s R & D team, and marketing manager Kirsty Smith certainly thinks so: she said in a statement: \"We listened to our customers, provided them with effective solutions, and provided non-compromised performance at an achievable price range. “The [Canyon-Eisberg]
The team loves to develop every minute of the series, an incredible outlet for all the expertise and creativity of dhb.
We have purchased the best fabrics, construction methods and ideas to provide complete professional products
The range beyond the expected level will be provided.
The introduction of the Aeron lab marks a real step --
Dhb changes to produce clothing with the highest performance.
But is there any benefit?
The first notable thing about Aeron lab Raceline jersey is (above, £110)was its size.
It\'s small and not very good.
However, once squeezed into the medium-it can\'t be medium, it can be particularly small-while avoiding any mirror that can catch a glimpse of a rather tragic scene, the initial impression is OK.
It is true that the neckline is cut a little too low, which means it is almost impossible to wear the ground floor, but the feeling is ready for the game.
The lightweight jersey is definitely one of the hotter days as its shoulders, side panels and various mesh boards on its sleeves are well ventilated.
Definitely one for those fast-training rides, but remember-for everyone\'s benefit-to buy a size or two larger than your regular jersey.
Thanks to their partnership with Italian company Elastic Interface, they offer some of the biggest and best brands in the world, Aeron Lab Raceline bib-short (above, £130)
Obviously, this is a well thought out, highly technical suite.
Since the side panels of each leg are made of mesh fabric, there is no fear of overheating during the summer heat, while the inner leg has a more traditional but lightweight stretch fabric. A winner.
Aeron lab socks (above, £15)
As you would expect, dhb is very light and breathable. Design-
It is wise that the brand may be a bit too much, but in fact it is the only negative, and of course, a matter of personal taste. London-
Rapha, based in Rapha, first appeared on the streets of the capital in 2004, and has been a pioneer in kit design and style for nearly 15 years.
Nowadays, the Rapha logo is everywhere and it may have the same prestige as it did a decade ago, but the company continues to do what it has always done best: produce high quality kit styling in a low profile way.
Back when the bike was not popular, Rapha was almost single
Handedly brings a little style to the road and remains the benchmark for others to judge themselves.
After supplying Rapha
Eagle and sky, now women\'s world tour
Over the years, the company has developed its scope, including high
In addition to the classic series, costumes for both men and women.
Rapha pro team bib-shortII (above, £190)
It may be the most expensive item on this list, but rest assured that they are worth every penny.
After the introduction of pro team bib-
Rapha is constantly developing and improving in the range of about 2012, and the latest iteration is by far the best.
Improved chamois and its fine thigh gripper-printed directly on the fabric-now they are not only more comfortable than ever before, but also lighter and theoretically more in line with aerodynamics.
After riding thousands of miles in these places, their long and long days in the saddle are still the only things that matter.
Oh, they look stylish, too.
Aesthetically, the Rapha pro team flyweight jersey (above, £130)
That\'s exactly what you expect from the brand, which gave us the black merino jersey years ago with a white armband on it, but technically it comes from completely different
Anyone riding on a high mountain in the summer will know that lightweight, well-ventilated fabrics are absolutely essential for a good jersey.
Although it feels like paper, the heavy-flying Jesse has-
Like thin, the elasticity is very good.
For those who don\'t like to wear the bottom layer, using UPF 40 sun protection material on the back of the jersey is also a welcome bonus-apparently some?
Rapha light socks (above, £12)
Most likely the largest bike kit project ever produced.
This simple brand-free Sock is the absolute epitome of perfection.
Timeless Classics and absolutely must
Prepare items for all cyclists.
Forget the terrible ones.
The color-loathing things that have been popular in recent years have returned to old schools with them.
It\'s obviously white.
Black may then be allowed unless it rains.
Few brands can have such a rich history as Castelli.
Fausto Coppi, Gino Bartali, Louison Bobet, Rik Van Looy and Jacques Anquetil all wore Italian companies at some point during their pomp
The winners of the last three grand tours have also been dressed upto-
Toe won the Tour de France on the way to Castelli, Vuelta a España, and recently Giro d\'Italia.
Does this also mean that you will ride a little faster and still not sure in the clothes of incastili, but at least you will know that you follow the pedals in some real bike legends.
Chris Flum2 of the climbers. 0 Jersey FZ (above, £85)
There is no doubt that this is the lightest jersey Telegraph movement in history.
The weight is only 83g-roughly the same as the big energy bar-no wonder this is the jersey the Sky team wore during last year\'s Tour de France cycling.
Almost Transparent in some places, here Castelli makes perfect jerseys for those real, very hot days you get in southern France-occasionally in the UK.
One drawback of the jersey, however, is that the material is very delicate and can easily get stuck.
Like a patchwork blanket, the bib of hellshort (above, £125)
Although thankfully, despite what its name implies, it has six different fabrics that are well ventilated and unlikely to cause you to overheat.
This may be the bottom here from an aesthetic point of view, but from a performance point of view, especially in the recent heat wave
The short film took the first step on the podium.
At temperatures above 30 °c, the grid
Just like the side panel and the area behind the legs, and the thin clear leg strap keeps the legs relatively cool while spinning in the heat.
Kind of like Froome\'s pedal style, these are not particularly beautiful when both Mercury and the road are up, but very effective.
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