julius erving denies memorabilia auction of rings, jerseys tied to bank lawsuit

by:Chance     2020-10-28
Juli julius Irwin denied that he was about to auction his personal basketball memorabilia, in connection with a lawsuit filed against him by a Georgian bank.
Called Doctor on hardwood floor
Owen said Wednesday that he has never been a \"collector or collector\" and plans to donate a portion of the proceeds from the auction to the Salvation Army.
Owen\'s auction series includes his 1983 NBA championship rings with the Philadelphia 76ers, a pair of ABA championship rings with the New York Nets, and an MVP trophy for each league.
According to a lawsuit filed by the Fulton High Court, Irwin owes Georgia\'s junior bank more than $200,000 in loans, the Atlanta Constitution Magazine reported.
The lawsuit was only reported hours after the SCP auction announced that it would open many Owen\'s champion rings, important awards and games to registered bidders on Fridayused items.
The time released on Tuesday led to speculation that Owen, one of the NBA\'s top 50 players, needed cash for the Hall of Fame.
That\'s not true, he said.
\"The irony actually gave me a sleepless night,\" he said . \".
\"I have to laugh at it and be afraid that these stories will happen to each other at the same time.
Owen, 61, said the auction was part of a long-term auction.
Plans to celebrate his career.
He says most of his most cherished items are stored in the warehouse, and he rarely looks at his collection.
He says he occasionally wears his 1983 ring and never wears his ABA ring.
Owen said he would keep his Hall of Fame ring.
He entered the Hall of Fame in 1993.
\"My family is 100 behind,\" he said . \"
\"We decided to do this a long time ago.
I don\'t think so, claim it\'s a resale or some debt settlement.
You\'re not auctioning overnight.
Long planned.
We have 4,000 catalogues that have been mailed to the person who bought this.
\"Be prepared for consumption. Dr.
J\'s goods are not cheap.
Items provided on Www. scpauctions. com include:—1969-70 game-
Wearing UMass jerseys
Minimum bid: $15,000. —
1974 New Jersey Nets ABA champion ring.
Minimum bid: $20,000-1975-
76 aba mvp Trophy
Minimum bid: $10,000. —
1983 Philadelphia 76ers NBA Championship ring
Minimum bid: $25,000.
Yes, even a pair of games.
The Converse sneakers customized for cult classic \"save the fish in Pittsburgh\" are priced at $500 minimum.
Just don\'t expect to soar in the air like a doctorJ. His above-the-
Rim\'s first appearance at the Renegade American Basketball Association indicates that the style will soon dominate.
Owen wins the first Grand Slam in professional basketball
The dunk game, as well as his soaring reverse layup from the bottom line in 1980 NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers, has been a highlight for years.
\"Since I was involved in the process and also in the process, it would actually be better financially if my children or grandchildren did so,\" Owen said . \".
\"It\'s time for us to decide.
Still, Owen has been plagued by financial problems since moving to Atlanta, according to the newspaper.
AJC reported in April 2010 that Erving, a golf club purchased, was foreclosed.
The bank filed a lawsuit on October.
Against Owen and his company, Irving group. of Atlanta.
Owen\'s company got $1.
According to the lawsuit obtained by AJC, the million credit line on April 2009 will expire on April.
In the proceedings, the bank stated the outstanding balance of $205,277.
Although an application letter for payment has been issued, 84 no payment has been made. 29.
Owen said he visited the bank on Wednesday to solve the problem.
Owen says he\'s still working and living.
The income of the day, not any savings.
He is involved in a mobile phone company, a medical record company and a blood company.
His most important job is to be a doctor. J.
\"There are a few things related to the doctor every day.
\"I have to discuss with one or more of my private colleagues or family members,\" he said . \".
Owen is perhaps the greatest 76ers, and the team has not won the championship in 83 years.
His sightings of the city and the 76ers were rare, and there was a disconnect between him and the team.
The 76ers were recently sold to new owners who promised to strengthen their ties with the past.
Joshua Harris, the majority shareholder, joined Owen on the board of directors at Converse, PhD.
J recently returned to Philadelphia for a private party for team 1983.
\"They are reaching out and they are interested in their legacy, which is good,\" Owen said . \".
Bids will be open to registered bidders on October.
And ended on November. 19.
More information can be found on www. scpauctions.
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