companies take on menstruation with new kind of sportswear

by:Chance     2020-10-28
It is well known that menstrual exercise can relieve PMS and cramps, not to mention help relieve fatigue, however, many women are delayed by the threat of leakage and the uncomfortable nature of wearing tampon or pads when exercising.
For decades, manufacturers of tampons and pads have been promoting the protection of their products, but there are few innovations specifically designed to keep women active during menstruation.
But in recent years, it must be the underwear of the boom period (
Underwear design has extra special fabric layer trap menstrual flow)
And cotton pads (natural-
Fabric pad with Velcro fasteners that can be cleaned and reused every month).
In the way of this new wave of processing cycles, some companies are rolling out products designed to protect women as they remain active in leaks and cycles --
Sports clothing.
LunapadsIn sports shorts in Vancouver, August
The US-based company, which has been producing perperiod underpants since its early 90 s, is rolling out a new sports shorts for teenage girls.
If successful, it will launch similar products for all ages.
Shorts are designed to be worn individually or with tampon and mat, and have an absorption layer that can accommodate tampon worth two menstrual flows.
$60 to $80 for lunch. com.
Dear KateLast years, yoga pants and dance costumes during the New York period
Underwear maker Dear Kate unveiled the first line of her yoga pants and launched a dance leotards in June.
Yoga pants are available in a variety of styles and the wearer is invited to \"go to the commando\" while the dance costume leotards is black.
Both pants and leotard have an absorbing corner brace that can hold a teaspoon of liquid
It is usually enough for a short period of exercise. Leggings, $143;
Leotard for $65. com.
Training shorts from New York Times
Underwear maker Thayer has introduced an updated training shorts to get rid of tight-fitting shorts
The fitting look of so many gyms-
I like to wear a pair of traditional bagels.
Health class-Inspired shorts
The shorts are lined with a pair of signature underwear that can hold up to two value liquid tampon in four layers of moisturewicking fabric. $86, shethinx. com.
New york-pantyhose props leak proof
A pair of underwear, period protection, and gym leggings are introduced based on pants propswear (or lounge wear)all in one.
It can be worn with mats, cotton strips, cups, or all individual items, and can hold up to four teaspoons of flow.
Commitment lasts up to three years if appropriate care is available.
This product is made in the United States. S.
Ships with no tariffs and fees go to Canada. $66, pantyprop. com.
Seamless underpants from KnixwearMade carbon-
Toronto cotton base-
Founder Joanna Griffiths says the Knixwear act itself is an additional protection against leakage during the period.
The underwear itself can hold more than 15 ml of liquid
About two tampons.
It can be worn with cotton strips or cotton pads. The fast-
Dry cotton makes it ideal for women to exercise while its seamless cutting means it can easily be worn in stressful environments, Griffiths added
Yoga pants.
$26 to $32 for the knife. com.
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