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by:Chance     2020-09-12
Teenagers all over the globe have common choices. All are going through a threshold of adulthood and are busy with friends. In the first glance teens globally have same desires, aspirations and needs. But a close look will give a clear idea of the differences, the reasons being economical, cultural and the geographical conditions. Choices of teens in Singapore are the same as from those staying in western countries, be it food, mode of recreation or clothes.
As Singapore is multi-cultural country, you will notice a variety in clothing a sense of Singaporean teens but the operation is depends on individual's enjoy. Each one is different and so are their dressings senses, but sometimes teens are also concerned of what their peers are wearing. Fashion can be a great tool to express yourself as a teen, and being able get i.e. to express yourself through fashion and style allows teens to feel comfortable with their self-image. They prevalent very distinct from each other, but still appear so similar.
Fashion trends change every now and then, as new trends come available on the market teens go through phases of wanting to wear one thing and disliking the same thing your next season. Some teens like to go punk and they wear jeans which slims down at the bottom, as well as funky t-shirts and a big fat bracelet, or bangle just to add significantly the punk feel. Shorts, Jackets teamed up accessories and glasses that add to a cool factor, are very popular among the teenage boys in Singapore.
Some girls tend turn out to be simple and they wear jeans, which never walk out fashion and a cute blouse and Skirts and shorts being their next priority. You will also see Singaporean girls wearing leggings and long blouses plus big belts, that don't really serve the objective of keeping your pants in place but just to customize. Few of them are seen wearing long stripy socks with cute converse shoes, along with a belly jacket and a loose top. And some for that girly look wear glasses with heels on 3 quarter length trousers with a spaghetti top and carry a hot bag.
In Singapore, teen girls are also seen wearing retro clothes, and plenty of those heavy bead accessories. Retro is split into two categories: polka dots and stripes. Only those clueless girls wear polka dots and stripes at the same time frame. They wear leggings along with long tunics or skirts and some whom want to flaunt their accessories they with regard to loads of necklaces, chunky bangles, and wide hair much more.
As for footwear, they wear everything from flip flops to boots.
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