all your schoolwear needs from ideal workwear ltd.

by:Chance     2020-10-28
In the past few years, ideal work clothes Co. , Ltd. has won the reputation of the leading supplier of school uniforms in the Arklow area.
We are a one-stop shop to meet your school uniform needs in primary and secondary schools.
Our school uniform clothing is known for its best quality and durable prices, mainly from Irish manufacturers.
We can order special size school uniform and accept the deposit for all school uniform items, there is no small deposit.
We are becoming more and more popular as Arklow\'s only school uniform store that can bring our own clothes, and it could be a real salvation during these tough financial times.
We moved to Abbey Lane to make it easier for parents who want to take advantage of our quality services and buy quality school uniforms at affordable prices to get close to us.
Until the end of September, we have partnered with our colleagues, Liz in the party pixel and Pipi at Abbey Lane florist to give an extra discount on the items purchased at Abbey Lane store.
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